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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Ace Lover - The Glitch Medley (Official Visual Music Art Video) #7

Ace Lover X The Sound Architects 

Taking something that has a bad connotation & present it in a new way to to be viewed in a different perspective.The same applies to life. The ying in the yang and vice versus. Ace Lover

# 7 of the visual music art series.

Not intended for sale. Subscribe to the official Ace Lover channel on YouTube to follow the visual music art series.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ace Lover - TV (Official Visual Music Art Video) #6

Ace Lover - TV - 2016 

Directed by George Ponzoni and Ace Lover 
Edited by Ace Lover

Vocals, drums and sound art by: Ace Lover
Bass and guitar by: George Ponzoni aka Fonebook
Lyrics by: Shane Stack, George Ponzoni, Ace Lover & Kody Foxxx

Check out this review & see what people are saying about it here.

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Ace Lover - Contemporary Medley - (Official Visual Music Art Video) #5

The New York Based, self contained, Indie recording artist, producer, & street/contemporary artist, Ace Lover displaying some of his art pieces in this recent video from earlier in 2016.

Although his art is blue chip art for the serious collector , he doesn't mind giving you a peep into his world.

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